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God of Liberty

God of the Downtrodden and Oppressed

God of the Winds

Alignment CG

Domains Air, Chaos, Liberation, Trickery, Weather

Favored Weapon Dagger

Centers of Worship

Nationality The First World

During the war on the First World Le’farin was captured and bound for centuries. He eventually tricked his way to freedom, but the ordeal has affected him profoundly and he is vehemently opposed to endorsed confinement or oppression of any sort. He is still recovering physically and to a certain extent mentally, but his will and divine abilities are second only to Solania. He truly IS the wind. He doesn’t merely exemplify its characteristics.

He is whipcord thin, almost emaciated and still bears the scars from the centuries he was bound. His hair is pure white, extremely long, unbound, and is constantly moving as though windblown.

Le’farin is constantly moving. He cannot stand to be still for any length of time as a result of his enforced stillness while bound.

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