The Bakarri Initiative

The original members of the Initiative were the companions of Bakarr that survived the battle with Zehirite forces and the destruction created by the gods battle. They looked at the aftermath and while they felt that it ultimately was worth it to force Zehir out of the world, they decided to form and organization dedicated to maintaining a watch, to prevent this from ever happening again. Over time the organization grew and changed. Now it still maintains a vigil against dark forces, but it also is the premier adventurers guild in the land. It maintains offices in most major cities and a number of smaller towns as well. In addition it is fairly well developed logistically and is often times the easiest place for adventurers to find and purchase the more common of magical commodities.

The Cult of Zehir

The Zehirite Cult was founded at the dawn of the 2nd Age. Its sole purpose is to provide followers and ultimately a physical form for the Tyrant God Zehir. They believe that by serving him they will be given a place and power in the world. They believe that the strong, be it those strong of arm or strong in magic, should rule those who are weaker than themselves. They are utterly devoted to their god, especially those “blessed” with serpentine characteristics such as the serpent kin and the yuan-ti, and will do anything to achieve his goals. They typically operate in cells spread far and wide so that if one cell is destroyed others can continue operating.

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