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Mistress of the Final Mystery

The Final Arbiter

Sister of Life

Mother of Death

Alignment LN

Domains Darkness, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Repose

Favored Weapon Greatsword

Centers of Worship

Nationality The First World

Special Abilities

Clerics of Solania can use negative energy to deal damage to undead as if the cleric was using positive energy.

Solania is the twin sister of Zhin’lok. Her purview is the mystery of death. As a consequence she has an intense interest in the rule of law as she does not easily give up those who have entered her domain. Solania has a passion for learning and the academic. Because of this she has delved deeply into the mysteries of magic.

She is the opposite of Zhin’lok both physically and socially. Solania is petite and quite short, soft spoken, and exudes an aura of calm coolness. She is the epitome of refined, polite behavior and appearance.

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