Broken World

Session 1: Everyone Awakens

The group awakens in a relatively dark room illuminated by a softly glowing fungus on the rough stone walls. They appear fairly disoriented to find themselves waking up in a strange place with monstrous strangers. Edmund Phil the bard woke to an intense hangover that mysteriously went away in a matter of moments. Nazli the sorcerer discovered that she now had scaled skin and webbed appendages. The Grippli monk woke and immediately took cover behind the broken remains of a table. Lastly the Paladin woke and immediately discovered that he was REALLY different, twisted beyond recognition.

After a relatively short but uneasy time the group decided to work together to try and find a way out of their predicament. While trying to escape from the room a Word of Chaos trap was triggered driving the Paladin and Nazli mad temporarily. Once the effects of the Word of Chaos ran their coarse the party left post-haste.

While making their way through the halls of the underground complex they discovered a few empty rooms and a few not-so-empty rooms. One of the not-so-empty rooms contained a cold unlit forge and a secret passage behind a bookcase. Within the secret passage two desiccated corpses were found and some rudimentary equipment was scrounged. The second room contained four twisted versions of wererats and their dire rat pets. The group managed to defend themselves and slay their attackers.

So ended Session One: The Awakening
To be continued…


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