Magic System

Prepared Caster

Prepared Casters “prepare” however many spells per day as normal with the one difference being that none may be duplicates.

  • For example a first level wizard can cast three zero level spells and one first level spell per day normally. If they have an exceptional ability score, say an 18 in their caster stat that means that they would have one additional first level spell per day.

    • In this new system spells per day are used for two things: to calculate AE (arcane energy) and for prepared casters to determine how many different spells they have at their disposal each day.
  • Now our hypothetical wizard starts with all zero level spells and three first level spells plus an additional four for his 18 caster stat.
  • At the beginning of the day they would then pick three different zero level spells (detect magic, prestidigitation, and light) then two first level spells (magic missile and mage armor).

    • There is no reason to prepare multiples of the same one as you then cast each spell utilizing your AE on a point per level basis.
    • Additionally the preparation period is when metamagic feats are applied. They cannot be changed until the next preparation period

Spontaneous Caster

Much like the Prepared Casters above Spontaneous Casters can apply metamagic feats to spells, but they must cast those spells as a full round action.

They know far fewer spells, but have a much larger pool of AE (arcane energy) to draw on as they can cast far more spells per day.

Arcane Energy

Casters have a pool of AE (arcane energy) they may use to cast their spells equal to the total number of spells per day the table says that they may cast.

  • 4 first level & 2 second level spells would equal 8 points of AE (arcane energy)

Metamagic Feats

  • A zero level spell would cost no AE to cast.
  • A first level spell would cost 1 AE to cast.
  • A first level spell that is Empowered and Quickened would cost 7 AE to cast.

    • 1 for first level, 2 for Empower & 4 for Quicken
  • You cannot apply metamagic feats to a spell if that would bring the cost above a level you could cast.

    • A wizard with a 3rd level spell slot could not prepare a Quickened Magic Missile as that would cost 5 AE to cast. That is the equivalent to a 5th level spell. They could however prepare an Empowered Magic Missile as that would cost 3 AE to cast as that would be equivalent to a 3rd level spell.

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Magic System

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