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1st Age – The Creation

Zhin’lok, Solania, Pyriss, Ayanar, Tythonious, and Le’farin came from another world far from this one across the celestial sea. Their original world was one of war, chaos, and imbalance. They saw many horrors and witnessed the deaths of many of their companions and family members. Eventually this small group banded together out of a common wish for balance and a relief from both war and pointless destruction. They set off on their own traveling across celestial sea doing their best to remain unnoticed and eventually found what was to be the location of their new world. They felt that they had hidden their trail well enough and wanted to begin creating rather than destroying. Unbeknownst to them the sinister entity Zehir caught wind of their journey and trailed them, slipping a portion of his essence into the energies harnessed for creation. His essence tainted their creation, planting the seed for evil to grow when the conditions were right. The Gods were thoroughly happy with their creation and enjoyed it for untold years, but eventually they grew lonely. They came together and decided to rectify this problem. Working together they created the dwarves, elves, gnomes, humans, and halflings. For a time they lived among their people and were happy. Eventually the gods noticed that the lesser beings that they created were far too dependent upon them and decided to cede the world to them so that they might grow on their own and eventually join the Gods as equals.

So ended the 1st Age

2nd Age – The Serpent Wars

1st Serpent War – Rise of a New God

Shortly after the Gods ceased walking amongst their chosen peoples the Arch-devil Zehir used this as and opportunity to exploit the flaw in the gods creation that he introduced at its creation. He influenced those susceptible to his lies and urged them to create a religion centered on him. The Cult of Zehir tried to woo the people of the world to their side with trickery by posing as a beneficent religion. The Cult claimed that their God Zehir truly loved them unlike the old Gods who had abandoned them. He granted them abilities that other mortals did not have, and over many years the Cult managed to sway most of the world to their side, but all was not as it seemed. Over time the followers of Zehir started to change and take on serpentine characteristics. About the same time people started disappearing. Most of the missing people that disappeared were outspoken against the new Church or were followers of the Old Gods. During this time individuals started to develop rudimentary arcane skills as they tried to understand and even match the powers of the Zehirite clergy. The Gods decided to check in on their creation as they felt a shifting of balances in the world as more and more belief was centered on Zehir. They were shocked and saddened by the misery and destruction wrought by their absence, and horrified that their inattention had allowed Zehir to elevate himself to God-hood in their absence. They made their presence known by granting those most devoted to them powers rivaling those of the devoted followers of Zehir. Heroes flocked together at the behest of the Priests of the Old Gods and set about exposing the new “Church” for what it was. Eventually the uprising drove the Zehirite cultists into the shadows.

2nd Serpent War – The Breaking of the World

Hostilities after the first war never truly ceased and over the next few hundred years things came to a head with the heroes now led by the great warrior Bakarr trying to but not ever seeming to truly wipe out the cult. Cult cells also started to spring up in the most inconvenient of places which would then have to be dealt with instead of the Cults stronghold. The cult cells and constant skirmishes served the purpose of distracting the good people of the world from what the cult was really doing, preparing the way for Zehir. Zehir’s followers managed to create a vessel capable of holding his essence allowing him entrance into the world. This development forced the Gods that had until this point remained apart to intervene directly. The Gods successfully banished Zehir from the world but the conflict cracked the world. The energies released during the conflict drew the attention of other Gods and entities of great power. The Gods of Creation managed to stop the others deities from making this world a hell similar to the one they left behind by forcing the others to swear a binding oath never to directly intervene in the affairs of mortals.

3rd Serpent War – The Descent of Dragons

The Cult of Zehir was dramatically reduced as the vast majority of its members were at the center of the conflict that banished their God. Few mortals could withstand the energies unleashed in that conflict. Most perished, some were changed in unexpected ways, and still others were lost to this plane of existence. Despite all of that and the chaos unleashed by the cracking of the world and the scattering of the great landmass into untold islands spread across the oceans the Cultists that remained kept faith in their deity and worked to achieve his ends. Over nearly five centuries they consolidated their power taking over island after island amassing more followers and building a great fleet to bring their others to their faith by force if necessary. In the midst of this conflict came the dragons called from across the celestial sea by the energies unleashed at the end of the 2nd Serpent War. Though they were god-like in power they were not barred from entry into the world as they were mortal though incredibly long lived. With them came greater destruction as these great wyrms brought their own ideas as to who this world belonged to and fought its inhabitants and each other for their own piece of it. Some of the great wyrms were beneficent and only came to counter others of their kind, others wished to enslave and rule their own kingdoms, and some just wished for a place of refuge. There were as many reasons for their arrival as there were wyrms. Eventually the Cult of Zehir and the Followers of the Gods and Goddesses of Balance temporarily put aside their differences and united their strength to deal with this common foe. Together they killed or drove the most destructive of the beasts into hiding. After the fighting was done the Cult and the Followers were both devastated and each retreated into their own respective areas of influence to regain strength and heal.

So ended the 2nd age

3rd Age – The Age of Exploration

Nearly five hundred years have passed since the Descent of Dragons and the world has for the most part recovered from the many disasters that afflicted their world. Kingdoms are prospering and an age of exploration is beginning anew as people are once again venturing into the unknown or the forgotten in search of fame and fortune.

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World History

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