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Handyman of the Gods

Alignment: LG

DomainsĀ : Artifice, Knowledge, Magic

Favored Weapon: Gnome Hook Hammer

Centers of Worship:

Nationality: The Broken World

Zorander was the pre-eminent craftsman in the world when the gods went to war with Zehir. After the final confrontation the gods saw that the fabric of reality itself had been damaged with such severity that they would have to constantly maintain and repair it to maintain a seperation between the layers of reality. They instead sought out Zorander and offered him a choice. He could stay as he was and live out the rest of his life or he could accept god-hood and maintain, repair, and improve upon the barriers of reality for eternity. He leapt at the chance to spend eternity constantly building, repairing, and improving on something so vast and complex. Thus was a mortal gnome inventor elevated to god-hood.

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