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Alignment Lawful Good

Domains Animal, Fire, Plant, Protection, Weather

Favored Weapon Longbow

Centers of Worship


Alborion is the offspring of Pyriss and an elven druid prior the gods departure from the world. He was young and handsome and full of joy, life and lived in harmony with nature. he drew Pyriss to him like the moth to the flame. Their romance was brief, and intense but Pyriss ultimately left and he could not come. He was left with a love that would last the rest of his days and beyond. Unbeknownst to him he left her with something as well.

About a year later the young druid awoke and found a baby in his hearth. The child grew rapidly in the seclusion of the deep forests and to his father’s delight, had an even deeper relationship with nature than he did. Animals instinctively trusted him, he never saw a plant he didn’t know the intimate details of, and he understood the delicate balance between the weather, animals, plants, and the very necessary but seasonal wildfires.

Alborion valued his deep connection to nature and as it took care of him, so too did he take care of and protect it and its balance. His forests thrived far more than others and were inviolate none were allowed to harm them. He lived this way for nearly five hundred years far outliving any other elf, and would have continued in that fashion for centuries more but the Zehirite Cult’s conflict spilled over in to his forests in their hunt for materials to craft a body for their god, and harmed them grievously. This was a mistake on their part as this filled him with a fury he had never felt before. It was as though a damn broke and power and rage flooded out of him and into his forest, healing its wounds, amplifying the might of its plants and animals and drawing down the fury of the storm. This was his awakening. This was him stepping out of mortality and into godhood. Pyriss felt his awakening and welcomed him with open arms. It was not the smoothest of family reunions but the need to oppose Zehir forced them to put aside their differences and work together to stop the Death of Freedom.

Alborion believes firmly in the the balance of nature and expects those that follow him to try and maintain that as much as possible. He understands that mortals are fallible and that things cannot always match his ideal, but he fully expects them to try.

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