“This land must be cleansed!”

The Purifier

Order in Chaos

Alignment: CE

Domains: Destruction, Order, Chaos

Favored Weapon: Greatspear (1d10, x3, Brace, Reach)

Centers of Worship:


Alkazar started like any other ambitious adventurer looking to change the world for the better. He believed he had a calling to serve the deity Zhin’lok and did his best to serve him. His quest led him to join Bakarr in his battle against Zehir. Alkazar was there for the final battle between the gods and the devil Zehir. During the conflict reality was rent asunder and he was blasted through multiple layers of the abyss. He immediately set about fighting his way across the domain he settled in ultimately destroying the arch-demon Bathura that ruled that layer. Upon Bathuras demise his mantle of power was passed to Alkazar driving a good man on the brink completely over the edge.

Alkazar wields a greatspear named (insert name here) dedicated to Order that he will not let go of, and is constantly punishing him for his betrayal of Order. The agony forced upon him by (insert name here) has only driven him further into madness.

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