“This evil shall not stand Zehir! Face me!”


God of Glorious Battle

Tyrant Foe

Alignment Chaotic Good

Domains Glory, Good, Liberation, Strength, War

Favored Weapon Falcata

Centers of Worship

Nationality Lyronia


Bakarr was the leader of the group of heroes who initially discovered the Zehirite cults plans and moved to oppose them. In the final battle when the gods themselves manifested to do battle Bakarr refused to seek cover and battled alongside the Gods and Goddesses of Balance. His was the final blow that destroyed the Zehir’s vessel. An act that obliterated his mortal self and bestowed upon him the spark of divinity.

Much as he did in life, Bakarr still opposes those who would oppress others and continues his battle with Zehir on other levels of existence even as his church and followers oppose his foe’s cult in the mortal plane.

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