“We wonder whats over there? Lets find out!”

God of Travel

The Wanderer

Alignment CG

Domains Community, Luck, Travel

Favored Weapon Short Sword

Centers of Worship


Swiftwing is actually a gestalt entity. They are the very first and greatest Air Ray and its’ bonded halfling counterpart. Their bonding was the most complete. A true and complete fusion of both body, soul and the divine spark Le’farin imbued in the Air Ray during its creation. that led to a new entity rising where once two existed. Swiftwing became a true servant of Le’farin and spawned many lesser rays to act as homes and a means to freely explore the world.

Swiftwing quickly drew halfling worshipers alongside Le’farin, and after a century or so Le’farin encouraged Swiftwing step out of his shadow and take their place in the world in their own right. They don’t have many followers outside of the nomadic halfling clans, but those that follow Swiftwing are devout indeed.

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