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Alignment LE

Domains Trickery, Scaleykind

Favored Weapon Falcata

Centers of Worship


In the aftermath of the battle that destroyed the Kobold race’s progenitor Tak was hailed as a hero for opening the kobolds eyes and leading them against the Great Wyrm. He used this to his advantage and achieved his desire of having others serve him.

Shortly after the great battle while others were rebuilding their shattered home, Tak felt a great pull on his spirit calling for him to investigate the body of his creator, and made a startling discovery, the Great Wyrm’s power was still residing in its body and was seeking a new host. As Tak had more of his creator in him than others he was the one that was called to take it. Once he touched the remains the power poured into him giving the necessary power to elevate himself to god-hood or become a Great Wyrm himself. He chose god-hood not knowing everything that went with it, but not wanting to give up his body and place in his society. As he ascended he was forcibly banished from the material world as there was a Great Edict in place enforced by all of the gods of balance and good aligned deities that banned the divine from walking the world in the flesh. Once this was explained to him Tak vowed to return to his people one day to rule them as was his right.

Tak’s ascension was fairly spectacular and it is widely believed by the kobold people that he died when the body of their creator destroyed itself spectacularly. He is hailed to this day as a hero of his people and by a very small but growing minority as a deity as he works to gain a following and therefore gain power. This is power that he intends to use to trick or sneak his way back into the world, much as he brought down his creator.

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