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Tyrant God of Serpents

The Deceiver

The Death of Freedom

Alignment LE

Domains Death, Evil, Law, Trickery, War

Favored Weapon Scorpion Whip

Centers of Worship

Nationality The First World

Zehir was an Arch-devil that followed the Gods and Goddesses on their journey and insinuated himself into the creation of the world. He used the Gods and Goddesses absence as an opportunity to elevate himself to god-hood. He did this by convincing the people that he was a God and taking the energy generated by peoples belief in him.

He very nearly entered the world physically to rule directly, but his physical vessel was destroyed and he was banished from the mortal world. The destruction of his physical vessel and his banishment released a tremendous amount of energy that resulted in the breaking of the world.

Zehir typically presents himself as an armor clad emerald green humanoid serpent. He has scaled skin, a cobra head, a powerful tail, and bent backwards legs similar to those of a raptor or tyrannosaurus rex. His other form is that of a colossal devilish cobra.

The armor he wears and the weapon he wields are artifacts bound to him and made from the remains of his fallen enemies from the God-war on the First World. In ages past during the war Zehir had an opposite. She was a Celestial Naga dedicated to healing and who appeared to be made light. Over the course of years Zehir fooled her into believing she was redeeming him and changing his self-centered world view. In reality he was merely trying to get close to her while her guard was down. As he was deceiving her he was also planting the seed of seduction. Ultimately he succeeded and he murdered her while she slept next to him. He skinned her and fashioned a suit of armor from her scaled hide and fashioned a fanged whip from her tissues, bones, and fangs. He then corrupted her essence and bound her twisted spirit into these items so that he might take pleasure in his victory for eternity. Where once she healed she now destroys through the fanged whip and where she once was made of light she, in the form of his armor, appears made of shadow, and cloaks him in her essence.

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